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 Wave permeated the markets rise of the Great Gulf and limited progress in Egypt

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تاريخ التسجيل : 12/04/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: Wave permeated the markets rise of the Great Gulf and limited progress in Egypt   17/6/2008, 13:14

Wave permeated the markets rise of the Great Gulf and limited progress in Egypt
1907 (GMT +04:00) - 16/06/08

Saudi market back up after the retreat

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Saudi market rebounded upwards Monday, offsetting the losses suffered by Sunday, with its index gaining 95 points, while the Kuwaiti market continued harvesting points, reaching new record levels, including experienced without being influenced by the market enticements.

The extended wave ascent to the UAE market and country, and less Oman and Egypt, while the indices recorded Jordan and the Palestinian territories, Bahrain declines varied.

In Riyadh, close the Saudi stock market index up 95 points equivalent to 0.98 per cent of its value, thus closing at 9782 points, circulation amounted to about $ 10 billion riyals, compared with more than 234 million shares.

Transactions and spread to more than 538 thousand deal, focused on the "Zine Saudi Arabia" and "Development Bank" and "entity Saudi Arabia" and "NBC no" and "reconstruction" and "Petro Rabeigh" which benefited from a combination of factors and positive news pushed General index upwards.

Among the 119 companies were trading their shares during the meeting, had 60 shares advanced and clear, under the leadership of the "Union of the Gulf" and "reconstruction" and "industrialization" and "advanced" and "real estate" and "Amiantit," while shares of 31 companies registered losses varied Value, the largest among the "Kingdom" and "civil" and "Saudi Electricity."

In the most prominent news market, the Company has signed a phosphate minerals, owned by each of the two "metal" and "SABIC" funding agreement with a group of banks and banking institutions and agencies to ensure exports worth 2.7 billion U.S. dollars for 16 years, to finance the construction and development of key sites for the company.

In addition, the financial market, announced its agreement to request the Middle East company for specialized cables "maintenance" to increase its capital from 320 million riyals to 400 million riyals by offering one free share for every four shares owned by shareholders enrolled a record of shareholders.

In Kuwait, the Nikkei index stock market at an altitude of 47 points by the end of transactions, to stabilize at a level nearly 15428 points, an increase equivalent to 0.31 per cent of its value, while Weight index added 3.56 points to its score, thus closing at 780 points in the final minutes.

The quantity of shares traded amounted to approximately 307 million shares worth 143 million Kuwaiti dinars, distributed over 9152 cash deal, focused on the "Arab land" and "Statement of Investment" and "City of finance and investment" and "Holding elite group" and "Holding advantages."

The indicators rose five out of eight sectors, with the index "services" to the highest rise in "banks" and "investment" while the losses were limited to "industry" and "real estate" and "insurance", respectively.

The company achieved a share of "national slaughterhouses" the highest level of equity between high, it jumped 10 per cent, ahead of the "Mina" and "international", while the shares were "gypsum" and "cool" and "Salbukh" for the biggest losses.

According to a report prepared by the Kuwaiti news agency, small trading Ikson had picked up rumors of senior speculators in the market during the next two weeks to push them to move towards the indiscriminate sale or disposal of their shares, even the cheapest prices, what would be in favour of major portfolios that seek to "close cosmetic" with the end The second quarter.

He says that in spite of profit taking and speculation on shares leadership, and rumors about the second quarter profits but the price index of the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) was able to face pressure to deliberate climb to new record leaps.

In Dubai, the index rose to the level of 5661 points, up 28 points, equivalent to 0.51 per cent of its value, while transactions were recorded 931 million dirhams compared to 193 million shares, and these findings coincided with the rise of shares "reconstruction" by 0.90 per cent of its value.

The meeting witnessed the exchange of nearly 5280 deal, which had contributed "Dubai Financial Market" and "reconstruction" and "Dubai Investment" and "Arab Airlines" activities.

Despite the disparity in real estate indicators, it was the rise of "banks" and "real estate" group most prominent indicator of the outcome, despite the retreat sectors "investment" and "transportation" and "communication" and "material."

Among the 24 companies were trading their shares, the shares plummeted 10 companies are "ARAMEX" and "Dubai Investment" and "cool" while the registered shares of "Bank of peace - the Sudan" and "National Assembly Insurance" and "National Bank of Dubai, UAE" the greatest gains .

Conversely, Abu Dhabi market movement was more a rush, with index closed at 5145 points, an increase of 35 points equivalent to 0.69 per cent of its value, with Poniran recorded approximately $ 2.3 billion, compared with 434 million shares.

The shares of "edifices" Casablanca "and" Dana "and" Oasis "the most deliberated during the meeting, has closed the first three on the rise, while the fourth place without dialogue replacement.

In the most prominent market news, denied the National Bank of Abu Dhabi to be a party to negotiations for the takeover and merger with any bank or financial institution, while the Company announced that "energy" that it had entered into a partnership with the company "Tulia" Moroccan active in the production of electricity from the air for projects in Morocco .

The Doha market jumped again Sunday, as the kick-level 12500 points, rising 66 points equivalent to 0.53 per cent of its value, with Poniran recorded 967 million riyals compared to 17.7 million shares.

In the most prominent news market, the company announced Rohan International, the international arm of Rohan real estate company, bought it from hotels in Switzerland are Coayzrhof Hotel in the city of Bern, the Royal Savoy Hotel in the city of Lausanne, will be without disclosing the value of the deal.

The Bahrain index retreated 2.25 points to 2900 points level, so losing 0.08 per cent of its value, while the Muscat market closed at 11726 points, a slight increase, did not exceed 5.67 points equivalent to 0.05 per cent of its value.

In Jordan, the index lost 1.23 per cent of its value, to close at 4894 points, while CASE 30 index ended the meeting at the Egyptian 10789 points, up 0.07 per cent of its value, and the retreat, the "Jerusalem" Palestinian point to a level 692, lost 0.12 Per cent of its value
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Wave permeated the markets rise of the Great Gulf and limited progress in Egypt
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