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 شركة الدجاج للبيع جميع انوع الدجاج والبيض وانوع اللحوم والملح جوال المسوق 00971502520814

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مُساهمةموضوع: شركة الدجاج للبيع جميع انوع الدجاج والبيض وانوع اللحوم والملح جوال المسوق 00971502520814   11/3/2010, 10:09

شركة الدجاج للبيع جميع انوع الدجاج والبيض وانوع اللحوم والملح جوال المسوق 00971502520814 عبر الاميل للتواصل موقع شركة الدجاج والبيض واللحوم والملح

The largest exporter of chicken eggs from India. A leading export house for poultry, meat and agro products. Integrated supply chains across the country.
We are VKS Farms Pvt Ltd. A passionate enterprising spirit has seen us explore different domains in the industry. Our diverse offerings have been well-accepted in the global markets, tickling the taste buds of discerning customers worldwide. As we continue to make a mark across the world with our superior quality products, we welcome you to discover our world and get a taste of what we have to offer…
Formally know as


  • Largest exporter of table eggs from India
  • Largest exporter of poultry from India
  • State-of-the-art chicken processing plant in India
  • Modern plant for processing buffalo meat
  • Modern salt manufacturing plant to produce edible & industrial grade salt
  • Best practices in Management and Quality

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New Retail Shop At Peelamedu
Our new Retail shop opening on 07.09.2009 at VKS Farm Fresh Chicken No,580,V.K.Road Vasanthalaya Travels Building Pe...

VKS has been awarded Golden Trophy in Poultry sector as No.1 poultry exporter in our country by APEDA Govt of India for ...

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شركة الدجاج للبيع جميع انوع الدجاج والبيض وانوع اللحوم والملح جوال المسوق 00971502520814
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